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I’ve been running the maze of online forums and groups within the social media sites I’ve joined (or reanimated) for this course. There really are a lot of interesting ideas, links to bookmark ….and content to forget as I move on to the next interesting glint in the water.

Take a look at these Top 100 Tools put together on Jane Hart’s “Centre for Learning & Performance Technologies” (not a bad place to spend a bit more time looking for social learning articles). Then, if you like what you see, you can share it/bookmark it on one of the myriad platforms offered. Well, this site doesn’t have the ca. 330 options available through the article (a very nice tribute to libraries, btw) hyperlinked here! (Go to the bottom of the Yorkshire Post article and look at the plethora under the orange “share” icon. You’ll have to expand the list to get the full benefit of the offerings!)

How can we keep up with the number of tools and platforms mushrooming out of the ground? Is it necessary? Surely, less is more in this case, as long as the less is the high traffic end of what’s available?

This is how I get lost in the fog of information out there as I search for relevant material for both this course and 557. I know I am not alone. In fact, I hope I am not repeating what anyone else has blogged since Friday. I vaguely recall seeing a post with the words “too much” in the title…


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