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As a last gasp on the Facebook readings this week, I’ll just say Fernandez has covered all bases and scared the Facebook out of me. No not really, but he does bring up so many pitfalls in “Privacy and Generation Y: Applying Library Values to Social Networking Sites”. I appreciated the exploration of whether Gen Y does want privacy. I think they do (going by my own kids and a slew of students), just as much in some ways as other generations. They just don’t always think about it before/during or after Online interactions. But how many of us are always premeditated, and how much in this world would never have been created/achieved if we were all always cautious about privacy? Just think of that word “uninhibited” in connection with performing and visual arts throughout history. In connection with many eccentrics, for that matter.

I was glad of this emphasis, though: Fernandez notes, “the majority of 18-24-year-olds…did not want tailored advertisements” and, when made aware of tracking practices, “the number who opposed tailored advertisements increased” (Fernandez, 8 quoting Turow et al. 2009, 16). I think it’s the “when made aware” that counts, and all the stink about Facebook keeping profiles really heated up in 2009 as Fernandez explains.

Nevertheless, I feel really wary about how best to reach out to the public while protecting their privacy if I myself can’t always be sure how much I am revealing, how secure sites are etc. Will I be able to inform myself deeply enough to trust my own competence? Does that mean I shouldn’t become a librarian in today’s SNS driven world? “Translators of SNS knowledge” sounds like a great skill to add to ones CV!

I appreciate the recommendations to update policies, to post news about privacy issues and to stay sensitive to patron boundaries. Add library employee boundaries to that.


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