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QR Codes Continued

English: 3 QR codes in Derby Museum

Image via Wikipedia

I mentioned in my last post that I was puzzled about QR codes, although I certainly am impressed by the use Los Gatos PL found in constructing their new library tour.

Here is an opinion article about QR codes, and why they won’t last. The author, Jon Barocas, points out how little the trend has spread here in the United States. He recommends Mobile Visual Search (MVS) instead. Perhaps his most interesting point, apart from the QR code security risks involved:

“In today’s increasingly mobile world, instant gratification is the norm, and taking the extra step of finding a QR code scanner on your mobile device no longer makes sense. With MVS, you are interacting with images that are familiar and desirable, not a square of code that elicits no reaction.”

There may be a hidden agenda, considering the author heads a company marketing video content services. In any case, he is definitely looking at their application from a commercial perspective. The image I’ve included here shows QR Code location in a museum.

My questions to 597 classmates:

1. Have any of you used either QR codes or MVS in any capacity? If so, for what/to capture what?

2. Does anybody see a unique service use of either technology in the library setting?

3. Any thoughts on why these codes are widespread in China and Japan, but not here?


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