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Greetings, 597!

I’ve created a Glogster for my book review. You can listen to my podcast, look at/listen to two of Cory Doctorow’s 2011 speeches, link to Boing Boing and Doctorow’s website, Craphound, read my favorite quote or look at some great photographs of the author on Flickr. One of them, the image I used in my poster, has lots of fun information about the artifacts in the photo if you hover on the Flickr version!

For me, the hardest thing about this review has been paring down the text – again and again, and yet again, to a length and delivery that the average listener might be expected to endure. I hope you are all as far above average as I have rated you! (Now, what do I mean by that? ;-))

Happy listening (you can let the voice play in the background) reading and viewing!


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